Orphanage, Chindren Home, I Support, Orphaned, Abandoned, Little Pencils, Abilashrayam, Registered NGO Abilashrayam (Desire to care), ngo in Bangalore was founded and established in the year 2009 by Mr. Kalyan Krishna. We started our first project as "Little Pencils" Bangalore by taking care of five children. We slowly expanded our support to close to twenty children. Thus it all began by taking care of five children.

In the due course of time, a legion of likeminded individuals joined the cause and motivated Mr. Kalyan Krishna to undertake many more such initiatives. During this period, the organization started providing educational support to the underprivileged children belonging to the rural areas. Thus i-educate project was launched and supported Two Hundred and Fifty children in its inaugural launch itself. In the following year we supported more than 1500 children under i-educate project.

Today, we can proudly say we are supporting thousands of children across the country through our various programs and initiatives. The organization is also supporting senior citizens, women and youth in rural areas of India.


"Special protection system"

One question still remained unanswered and constantly troubled us. After all the support that has been given to these children (orphaned), what is the guarantee of a secured future after schooling? It is a known fact that many orphaned/abandoned children leave the support system (which constitutes government agencies, NGO's and other agencies working towards this cause) after a while, because of failure by the system to ensure their secure future and social justice. These children end up as victims of trafficking, street children, child labors etc. What is the one solution that would motivate these children to stay within the support system till they reach a secure future?

The answer to this question was the most ignored chapter in the history of social service activities in India. Even though there exists a reservation system in India based on caste, religion, gender and other parameters, the orphaned/abandoned children are the most in need for this system of security, but ignored/overlooked since they are termed casteless and religion less and don't fall under the criteria. . It is clear that the only solution to this problem would be a "special protection system" that would ensure the future security of these children. Thus the organization is gathering all individuals and institutions that believe in this system and making statutory recommendation to the Government of India in implementing this.

View the "Special protection/Legislation report" and "Letter" submitted to govt of India.