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Children are the future of a Nation, and I Support believes nurturing the dreams and aspirations of the future of our Nation is a key to progressive development. The proudest moment for us is the development we have impacted on the children of our orphanage. Today, they are braving their way ahead to a bright future. At “little pencils”, we have made a sincere effort to carve an identity for the children who would have otherwise withered away in to darkness. In addition to food, clothing and shelter, standard education was the key challenge for these children. Since we have overcome this hurdle to a huge degree, we decided that “little pencils” was the most suitable name for our orphanage. We started using the term “little pencils” instead of calling them “orphaned/abandoned” children.

We maintain the highest standards in food, shelter, education, nutrition and health of the children at little pencils. These children enjoy the luxury of online interactive learning sessions by our overseas volunteers on a weekly basis. This is a unique methodology we follow in imparting knowledge.

We aim to bring up the children as our own and support them emotionally. Our biggest achievement will be to put a smile on each and every child. We aim to teach our children to gain self confidence and aspire to become someone, choose a career path and help others along the way.

Our goal is to create positive role models within the community and to encourage the next generation to also achieve their goals. We educate the children to help others in the future.

The "home (orphanage)" is located in North Bangalore; Sahakar Nagar, Kodigehalli, Bangalore which currently has close to 20 children.

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