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Sponsor "Little pencils"

Indirectly adopt a child of "Little Pencils" (orphanage) by sponsoring the cost of a Childs food, shelter, education clothing, health and many more for Just Rs. 48000 per annum or just Rs. 4000 per month.

I Educate Direct

Sponsor the cost of a Childs education at just Rs. 6000 for a whole year. The I Educate project has conducted extensive study and research on educating the underprivileged children and found that all it takes to educate them for a whole year is just Rs. 1000 for the fact that the govt. of India has introduced path breaking measures to impart free education and mid day meal schemes for these children.

The joy of celebration is in sharing it amongst many. We would love to organize your celebrations with the participation of our children to make it memorable for you and us.

You can celebrate yours or your dear ones occasion like birthday or anniversary with us. Please fill in the particulars below for prior arrangements. Note: You can distribute anything you wish to the children directly. We request you not to cut a cake in front of the children. Please have it cut before you come to our place and distribute it to them.

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You can support us by choosing any of the sponsorship options on any of the occasions of your dear ones. We shall call and surprise your dear ones on their occasion by telling them how our children were supported on the occasion. Please fill in the particulars below.

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