I Care

"I Care" is a unit of Abilashrayam Trust, NGO in Bangalore working on destitute/neglected senior citizens rights.

In the Indian Society, the cultural values and the traditional practices emphasize that the elderly members of the family be cared for and treated with honor and respect. In some circumstances the family may be unable to provide the appropriate level of care that an elderly family member may require. This may be due to work commitments, young children or any change in health issues that require around the clock care.

This creates a demand for senior citizen homes not only in India, but worldwide. Governments alone cannot take care of all the needs of the entire elderly population, so this is where NGO's step in to provide support.

We aim to achieve a safe and comfortable environment for senior citizens from nearby areas. We will create a friendly community where fellow residents can begin an active new lifestyle to help them achieve fulfillment in life. The residents can develop companionships, and support each other helping to gain independence and dignity. We intend to deliver each individual with the relevant level of care with a personal touch. At Abilashrayam we will create a homely setting where residents can be free to decide how they spend their time. As well as communal areas each resident will also have the right to privacy when necessary.