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When we started our senior citizen home, the community noticed our efforts to serve. Teachers at a nearby government school got a chance to visit the old-age home, when they realized that we are an organization that could help if there is a need for help. They approached us later, and requested us to provide a mid-day meal to their school children who mostly belong to poor classes of the community. And they also believe that a good meal, if nutritious and tasty would keep children at school, who look for reasons to attend school. And we were in agreement. Hence obliged.

With the help of the government and individuals, we provide a good afternoon lunch to the children at the government school.

Status and location of the project

The project is located in Diguvapalli Village, Kotala Post, Thamballapalli Mandal, Madanapalli Taluk, Chittoor Dist; Andhra Pradesh.

How we help them

"I Feed" is supporting close to 50 children by providing food in the afternoon. This project emphasizes to provide food in the afternoon to the underprivileged children going to government school.

We have started this project in order to motivate the children to go to school.

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