Frequently Asked Questions

1. How old is I Support?
I Support was established in the year 2009 under Abilashrayam Trust.

2. Why was I Support established?
The plight of orphaned / abandoned / underprivileged children was the motivation to set up I Support to initiate reforms, schemes and support to these children

3. what is I Support? What is Abilashrayam?
I Support is the unit of Abilashrayam Trust (R) that has all projects / activities related to children. Abilashrayam Trust is the parent NGO and I Support is a unit of it. Abilashrayam Trust has many projects related to senior citizens, youth empowerment, women empowerment, disaster management, environmental care and many more along with I Support.

4. what is unique about I Support? How is it different from the other NGOs working for children?
I Support not only believes in social venture philanthropy, it also believes in generating proper administrative modules in securing the lives of children in general. It can be achieved not just by active NGO participation, but also by partnerships with various development agencies that work on grass root level solutions. As part of this initiative I Support has launched the I Support movement that would recommend protection and reservation for orphaned / abandoned / underprivileged children from the government of India.

5. What are the causes that I Support works towards?
We have projects that focus on social justice and social dignity of orphaned / abandoned / underprivileged children. In addition to these projects, we also work towards restorations and improvements in the quality of environment surrounding these children, such as, schools, education, higher education, health, nutrition, shelter and rehabilitation. We have little pencils (orphanage), i-educate, i-heal, i-feed, Rainbows and Building Blocks projects towards these causes.

6. Can education bring about major changes for these children?
Education is the key to empowering every child with a secure future. Since we believe in imparting equal rights to children across all groups, education is the key right in making these children dream about a much more secure future.

7. Since I Support is a relatively young organization, can it cater to the growing needs of children across the country?
Our experience in the area of community / social service has taught us that nothing is impossible when likeminded individuals, institutions and organizations across the country take active part in active social causes. Definite working modules, cost efficient projects, direct beneficiary schemes and transparency in operations have encouraged many individuals, institutions and organizations to pledge their support with us. To cater to the increasing need to expand our scope of beneficiaries to impact more and more children, we have planned to launch active projects across India.

To help us in this regard, we have many NGOs, corporate and development agencies partnered with us to actively function in each and every state and union territory of India. Careful selection of Employees and volunteers to cater to this task and training for these individuals would ensure good governance.

8. Can privileged children be a part of these projects as well?
The U & ME campaign is designed for children belonging to affluent social order to take active part in sharing their joys with children of lesser fortunes. This would encourage these affluent children to understand and appreciate the joys of willful giving and bring stability to our social structure in the longer run.

9. How do I ensure that whatever I donate will be used correctly?
A peek into our Governance and it will explain to you about our operations in detail. We ensure that ISO standards and Six Sigma standards maintain our administrative costs to the bare minimum, thus ensuring greater funding of all projects under I Support. In order to maintain transparency we encourage our supporters to make all donations only through cheques, demand drafts, credit cards or online payments.

10. Can I donate old clothes, computers, books, food supplies, etc.?
We appreciate your support to the lesser fortunate in all means possible. We deeply welcome donations in any kind. We believe there exists a need for some child for everything you wish to donate. You can sponsor Education materials for our i-educate project, medicines and health for our i-heal project, rations and provisions for little pencils and i-feed projects and many more kind donations that would help us in reaching our objective.

11. What support system do you follow in i-educate project?
We believe the government of India has initiated some excellent free education programmes for underprivileged children across the country in their various forms. I-educate is a project that compliments these educational programmes by lending support in the form of education materials for these children on an annual basis. This morally encourages these children to stay in these educational programmes for a longer period.