Corporates play a major role in changing the economic structure of a country. Their involvement in the social service sector can bring a major change to the social structure of a country as well. We encourage Corporates to actively take part in projects undertaken by Abilashrayam to meet these social service objectives.

Some of the methods for corporates to get involved are:

CSR through CSR

Corporate Social responsibility through corporate stress relief is a campaign exclusive to Abilashrayam. Through this campaign, Abilashrayam organizes interactive game stalls for corporate employees. This provides an opportunity for the corporate employees to engage in a few fun oriented games that would relive their work stress considerably and also serve as a platform for Abilashrayam to initiate employee involvement in our projects.

Payroll Giving

If Corporates encourage their employees to set aside as low as rupees 100 per month, it can impact the social service structure to a huge extent. This is the easiest and safest mode of donation since bi party scrutiny is undertaken from the donor point of view. All that is required is the employee to instruct their corporate to initiate this scheme. The employee under this method of supporting can entitle tax exemption certificate under 80G of the Income Tax Act, India from Abilashrayam.

Cause Specific Promotions

Consumers look for brands that are active in community/social service. Corporates can promote their brands and products by associating with Abilashrayam projects that would directly benefit the beneficiaries of these projects. It works as a mutual benefit tool and fosters the brand or product in the minds of socially conscious consumers. It is also a great platform for mutually beneficial media coverage.


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